ITS Germany e.V. continue all activities of the associations involved with the merger and leverage by the synergies, that was created as merger. We continue to expand our range of topics and adapt it to current technology and market developments.

Here you can find our statutes in German:

You can find our contribution rules here:

You can find a membership application here:

The members of the association:

  • Markus Wartha (President)
  • Christian Roszak (Vice President)
  • Prof. Dr. Michael Stepping (Vice President)
  • Dr. Claus Habiger (Vice President)
  • Kristian Bock (Treasurer)
  • Jacques Nouguier
  • Carsten Recknagel
  • Thomas Hornig
  • Günther Weber
  • Michael Leyendecker

Please, contact us to the following LINK and the information behind.